Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Welcome to the Enchanted Wood

I have finally become a "victim" of blogging - Can it be that at 46 (I think that is how old I am, I forget sometimes when I am having a "Senior" moment) But, alas, my world is special and deserves to be noticed.

Okay - I will start with this - I live in NJ in a very secluded spot. I am on almost an acre that borders my own private forest. did I come up with the name, Enchanted Wood? No, there is no "s" on the end of that - kinda like the Anne of Green Gables" deal with "Anne" spelled with an "e".

My woods have some very special inhabitants - white deer or also known as "Spirit Deer" - no, they are not true albinos, they are considered mutations. But, for the sake of the Beauty of Mother Nature, they are her magnificent creations. There are many of them - they roam my woods and often sleep outside the small cabin my husband built me up on my hill (this is a seperate building from my house, and I also have another small cottage in my backyard). I have heard it said, that anyone who puts his sight upon a "Spirit Deer" would live a gifted life - I can't argue that point. Just being alive and being able to see the beauty of the Mother, my life is truly gifted.

There is one deer that is my special friend, her name is Gloria - she is not completely white, she is what is called a piebald deer. She has a patch of brown on her face. Gloria is the first white deer I had ever seen. That was over ten years ago, and I am still held in awe every time I see her. Do deer actually live that long? Like I said, they are special - She knows her name, and she will look directly at you if you talk to her. She does not run from me, but stands still and listens to me (probably thinking I am nuts most of the time) chatter away and admire her beauty. I am not hunter friendly - and when I have seen strangers nearby, I am not a nice person - lol - gotta protect Mother Nature -she is all we have left.

I live here in the Enchanted Wood with my huband and my furry children. I own a bevy of Cocker spaniels, a German Shepherd, a chocolate Poodle, and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named "Elly Mae" who is totally all attitude. Cats? By the score - the woods are a favorite dumping ground for the poor creatures. Or could it be the invisible to people sign on my back that reads "Free Food"? I have two miniature horses, Winifred McNikkers and Buddy Boy Blue - Winnie and Buddy, and I have a goat named "Maybelline the Barnyard Queen" Belle, for short. Lets see, have I left out any of my brood? Yes, twenty-odd chickens, including a rooster named "Emeril Lagasse" who is always "kicking it up a notch" in the hen house~ No two-legged children, unless a husband counts :)

Well, this is just my introduction and I have chores to do - too bad John Boy Walton is not handy to help me tonight. Sure is cold out there......


Cabin Creek Farm - Kentucky said...

oh my .. an early Montgomery "Anne" book .. i know i have one around here somewhere ... or maybe i sold it already for a couple dollars! don't know if it was a first edition .. but if it is gone .. i'm just going to decide it was NOT a first edition!

the 'spirit deer' are breath-taking .. are they 'regional'? i would dearly love to see one.

we are truly kindred souls with books!

i once worked with a woman who RETIRED from the U.S. Department of Justice .. she took an EARLY retirement .. to assure that she would have enough time to read more books!

YOU (if you have not already) should write a book. wonderful way with words gurlfren!


Offshore Wife said...

The deer are beautiful. We too have native deer that visit often but nothing as spectacular as your spirit deer.

BeaK. said...

Hi Kathy,

A more beautiful and spirited blog I have not read.

Love the deer, and your dogs are precious.

I envy your setting ( in a good way )

I recieved the "Herb Quarterly" thank you so very much...a most interesting read.

Your article on Black plants is so next project, you inspire me !

I love the photo of you and both are beautiful.

Busy, busy here...spring is awake and ready for action.

Thanks again for the magazine, I will make sure I get on the subscription it.

Have a special weekend~


Bea Kunz